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I’ve recently finished a major overhaul of so you think you know Reddit. The main changes are listed below.

  • Updated code which gets images. It now no longer gets a random image one by one but will instead generate a list of 10/25/… random id’s which will then relate to the images.
  • Removed original post. It can now be accessed via clicking show subreddit twice. Saves code as well as having to deal with multiple reductions in scores.
  • Updated UI. This includes The header and footer as well as the buttons are now using material design.
  • Final end screen. Now instead of just showing a final score it will show all images which have been used as well as final score/link to the image.
  • Report image. This is mainly to be used for broken images or images which are stupidly hard to guess.
  • Created a auto complete for the input area, need to work on how it will work for mobile devices.

There are a number of smaller design elements as well such as the progress bar to tell you how many images are left.

Still to do.

  • Unlimited mode. I’m not sure how I want to handle this, although it will possible require the use of a end button which will create a final screen with the images used.
  • Create game modes.
    • Easy – Usage of title, unlimited guesses.
    • Medium – Limited usages of Title limited guesses
    • Hard – No usage of title (or perhaps one), Very limited amount of guesses.
  • Set up a custom domain for the game instead of just a sub domain.
  • Limit the number of reports from a IP encase of spam.
  • When a link gets X number of reports automatically remove it.
  • Automatically run the script to add more images once a day or so.
  • Enable support for Gifv/Webm

If you feel like I should add/remove anything leave a comment down below!



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