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Second blog post can be found here.

A guessing game, where the user must guess which subsection the image comes from on the popular link sharing site reddit.


Currently it is just me developing the website although I hope to bring on a graphical designer friend to help with the overall look of the site!


A user will be given a image which will have recently been posted on a subsection of the site (AKA subreddit). On correct guess there score will go up! I hope to implement a leaderboard as well as some more difficulty levels which would possibly involve a timer!


Looking at the project currently I see it as about 50{01827cc1628cab5942660499088773e56eb46df7cf4f7207d19f3491caccff3b} completion, the bones are there for me to be able to build on. I could see it taking another month before it is completely polished up.


Currently there is a live version (Which is a few commits behind) over here on a sub domain.


I felt like I wanted a nice project to work on which will allow me to test python, php, JS and MySQL all together. I also know that there is a chance that the site could get alot of attention once it is finished.


The website is actually split into two parts, the python side and the web side. I currently the python side is a image scraper which can be found on my Github page over here, but that is a separate blog post.

The next part of the program makes use of php and javascript, with ajax working as the bridge. When I started the project I new I didn’t want the page to reload on the next image so ajax was the only choice here.

Currently when the next button is pressed it will simply load a random image from the database. This was good as it allowed for a quick set up but I do not think I will keep it.



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