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is a WordPress society website, design and developed by me.

The main focus on the website was to allow committee members to be able to log in and edit information on the website.

It’s main features include the committee page where each member can add a picture, contact information and a small amount of text.

By making use of the features of advanced custom fields and Custom Post Type Ui it allowed me to be able to create custom coded pages on each page of the website instead of using a default format.



On the bottom left of the page is a twitter widget called Twiget although a little outdated it still work brilliantly for grabbing the latest tweets and styling it how you want to and not need to bother with that ugly looking default one!

The centre widget is actually a custom coded widget by myself! It hooks into the Eventbrite api to bring back a list of up and coming events. I created it so that on the events section a committee member can just copy a events unique code and the event will show up automatically. Due to Eventbrites strict usage polices I also had to implement a caching system so that it will only request on new submission or then every hour.

The Bottom right hand side is a simple mailchimp form which when submitted will add the user to the Brookes Entrepreneurs mailing list. This can also be found on the contact page.


Other notable areas.


On the membership page I very recently had to implement a system to be able to charge users for membership. I managed to complete this by using the amazing plugin of gravity forms to be able to take a users information, check it is valid and then move them onto the paypal page. Paypal is a great way to manage money as the user does not actually need a paypal account to pay.

The photo gallery’s took a while to set up as it was difficult to find a good way to make sure they were responsive. A great solution to this was to use Responsive Lightbox, this nifty plugin with a small amount of hacking turned the static page into a nice looking responsive gallery.



Brookes Entrepreneurs

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