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The Maze Runner was created as part of a game design project for our business module.


In essence it is a multiple choice game cross with a map solver game. The aim of the game is to first find out the correct answer and then navigate to the corresponding letter, should you pick the correct answer the next map will be loaded along with the next question. Should you guess incorrectly or bump into a wall the game will reset and you will need to try again.

Resources used.

Python – The main game code was created using pygame. Although useful I do not think I will be using it again!

JSON – We decided to use JSON to store the questions and answers for the program as seen in the images. This was useful as it allowed us to store them in a very human readable form, it can be read and written very easily by python as well.

Github – We used Github as our version control. By being able to make use of the Student offer from Github for the free private repository’s it was a excellent and easy way to keep track of changes over time.



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